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15 October 2022

Contemporary Talents 10th edition | Réceptacle

Bianca Bondi • Elvia Teotski • Collectif EthnoGraphic • Dutca-Sidorenko

29 April 2022

Our islands

Hoda Afshar • Cécile Beau • Benoit Billotte • Stéphane Clor • Olivier Crouzel • Pauline Delwaulle • Gilles…

11 December 2021

Contemporary Talents 9th edition | Diversion

Céline Diais • Arthur Hoffner • Nadia Kaabi-Linke • Sujin Lim • Francisco Rodríguez Teare • Thomas Teurlai •…

22 May 2021

The territories of water

« I am the river and the river is me » Maoris declaration   Social space, object of beliefs and…

11 December 2021


Nicola Aramu • Clément Bedel • Marie-Paule Bilger • Jérémie Descamps • Jean-Jacques Delattre • Marc Guénard • Kiki de…

17 October 2020

Contemporary Talents 8th edition

For the 8th edition of the Contemporary Talents competition, a new hanging will present the works of the 7…

26 October 2019

Drawing water – volume 2

Opening on Tuesday 29th October at 6pm at L’ESPACE 110 – Centre Culturel d’Illzach. In resonance with Drawing water proposed…

25 October 2019

Drawing water

Exposure is extended until September 27. Drawing Water tells the story of water through comic strips and illustrations across…

08 June 2019

Celeste Boursier-Mougenot : Liquide liquide

A major figure of the French and international art scene, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot was given free rein by the François…

09 February 2019

Contemporary Talents 7th edition

They have hiked majestic mountainous, carved sculptures from nature, explored the ocean depths and lived with refugees. They are…

28 November 2018

Revelations | Cyanotypes

6 budding artists, 1 cultural manager, 1 health executive, 4 nurses, 1 visual artist, 1 public relations officer, 1…

28 October 2018

Testing the waters

Fountains, tanks, flows, turbulence… The François Schneider Foundation invites L’Ososphère to create a fluid harmonic interplay between digital technology and…

16 June 2018

Escutar as águas – Listening to the Waters

The Foundation’s collection is taking to the road in 2018 and heading to Lisbon! Composed largely of winning works from…

23 June 2018

The Cloud Atlas

The summer exhibition proposed by the François Schneider Foundation in 2018 is dedicated to clouds. Symbolic, poetic, threatening, divine ……

17 March 2018

Contemporary Talents – 6th edition

The exhibition now being devoted to these artists presents the work of Muriel Bordier, Mathieu Bonardet, Asieh Dehghani, Laurent…

01 February 2018

1001 drops

Born of a meeting between art and art history teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and the teams of…

30 September 2017


The Kunstart exhibition showcases the work of the eight award-winning artists of the kunstart competition, all students or graduates…

30 September 2017

FONTE – Anna Katharina Scheidegger 

Fonte is an exhibition focusing on the melting of the ice and climate change. Anna Katharina Scheidegger gives us…

30 September 2017

Les poissons des grandes profondeurs ont pied – Yves Chaudouët

Ten years after completing the work Poissons des Grandes Profondeurs ont pied, Yves Chaudouët, an intentionally iconoclastic and uncategorizable…

29 April 2017

Contemporary Talents 5th edition

The exhibition allows visitors to discover the work of Akmar (1976), Julie Chaffort (1982), Rebecca Digne (1982), Mathilde Lavenne…

01 October 2016

Contemporary Talents – 4th edition

The seven artists in this year’s Talents Contemporains address the ebb and flow of water in relation to the…

18 June 2016

Eaux troubles, Eaux calmes

An exhibition of photographs and video of Philippe Chancel, Lucien Clergue, Jean Gaumy, Brian Griffin, Harry Gruyaert, Naoya Hatakeyama,…

05 March 2016


“Plongeons” is a school exhibition bringing together students, young HEAR graduate artists and artist-teachers. Edouard Boyer, Caroline Colas, Pauline…

03 October 2015

Contemporary Talents 3th edition

The exhibition presents the works acquired by the Foundation as part of the 3rd edition of the Contemporary Talents…

20 June 2015

the 4 elements of NILS-UDO

Precursor in Europe of the land art in the 60’s, Nils-Udo uses different technics: photography, drawing, painting, installation, sculpture…

28 February 2015

The Collection

The exhibition presents works belonging to the Foundation alongside creations lent by the artists for the occasion.

04 October 2014

Contemporary Talents 2nd edition

The exhibition presents the works acquired by the Foundation as part of the 2nd edition of the Contemporary Talents…

14 June 2014


Adel Abdessemed, Kader Attia, Richard Baquié, Patty Chang, Marc Couturier, Michel François, Dan Graham, Fabrice Hyber, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anish Kapoor,…

01 March 2014

Fabrizio Plessi

“For me, the Schneider Foundation seems like a fabulous secular temple engulfed in nature and hung in the sky…

11 September 2013

Contemporary Talents 1st edition

Lorella Abenavoli, Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand, Clément Borderie, Emilie Brout et Maxime Marion, Pol Bury, Yves Chaudouët, Etienne Cliquet, Laurence Demaison, Thierry…

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