Opening on Tuesday 29th October at 6pm at L’ESPACE 110 – Centre Culturel d’Illzach.

In resonance with Drawing water proposed to the François Schneider Foundation (Wattwiller) from October 25th, L’ESPACE 110 – Centre culturel d’Illzach presents an extension of the exhibition within its walls from October 26th to November 17th 2019 as part of the 35th edition of the Bédéciné festival.

Water, a captivating and intriguing subject, has never ceased to inspire artists and many authors and designers who have revealed its material, its relationship with the environment, the original myths, its beneficial or harmful powers and has given rise to the invention of many stories of adventures or sailors.

Illzach features a selection of artists exhibited at the Foundation, from the on-board stories of Bruno Le Floc’h and Christian Cailleaux to the expressionist visions of authors such as Jens Harder and Martin Tom Dieck, or illustrations for young people raising awareness of ecological issues, as with À moi! by Marine Rivoal. Forty zooms on the plastic representations of water echo the Foundation’s scenography and invite the spectator to take a first plunge into this illustrated walk.