This exhibition presents the seven winners of the 9th edition of the contemporary art competition “Talents Contemporains”. The winning artists are Céline Diais (France) for her series of 12 photographs Voir la mer (2014), Arthur Hoffner (France) for his three sculptures Monologues et conversation (2019), Nadia Kaabi-Linke (Tunisia) for the installation Salt & Sand (2016), Sujin Lim (South Korea) for the video work and six paintings Landscape Painting (2019), Francisco Rodríguez Teare (Chile) for the video Una luna de hierro (2017), Thomas Teurlai (France) for the sculpture Mashup (2019) and Jenny Ymker (Netherlands) for her embroidery Mopping (2016).

The artists re-explore in their own way the concept of détournement in the history of art, relying here on everyday objects becoming works of art: bathroom pipes become a fountain, a fish market scale is erected as a sculpture, while a shower stall becomes sound and explores the dielectric properties of water. The tradition of landscape, a subject that has been widely developed for centuries, is presented here with photographs of urban swimming pools, tapestries of picturesque water scenes, Korean seascapes and a documentary on the shipwrecks of immigrants in Chile.

The artists thus reveal seven points of view on how to experience water in our world.