A partnership with educational institutions is an idea that is following its path, and is therefore taking shape with the HEAR on the theme of diving. Works by students, young HEAR graduate artists and artist-teachers make up the content of this thematic proposal. The curator is assured by two artist-teachers of the Art option, Le Plateau in Mulhouse: Anne Immelé and Edouard Boyer.

Diving as an event, singular, multiple, collective, as a gesture as well, as a rupture, as a relation of the body to the element “water”, but also to the element “air” and to the attraction of the element “earth”, diving as a sensation therefore, but also as an image, diving exists only through water and represents an archaic relation of man to the world.
And if these are horizontal, balanced and prolonged, diving is not only vertical but brief and dangerous: it can even be said to represent the critical moment par excellence.
Nevertheless, diving is rich in possibilities and can be seen as an experience, as geometry, as immersion or as liberation, hence the title that provokes an ambivalence of meaning: the plural or the imperative invitation.

Finally, for the exhibition, while the presence of water, at the heart of the projects, will be encouraged, it can also exist as a metaphor, since diving owes everything to it.

About the HEAR

A public institution, the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR) provides higher education (bac+3 to bac+5) in plastic arts (Art, Art-Object, Graphic Communication, Design, Textile Design, Visual Didactics, Illustration, Scenography) and music (classical, ancient and contemporary music, jazz and improvised music). Based in Mulhouse and Strasbourg, the HEAR prepares its students to become autonomous creators, authors and musicians capable of interpreting or inventing artistic languages. Encouraging its students to acquire international experience, HEAR has established partnerships with 80 institutions in 30 countries. The HEAR was born in 2011 from the merger of the École supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg, the École supérieure d’art de Mulhouse – Le Quai and the Higher Music School of the Strasbourg Conservatory.

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