The first event of the year 2015 for the Foundation, the exhibition The Collection honours thirteen artists. The works acquired over the years bring together renowned artists and young creators. The installations, Défaut originaire by Lorella Abenavoli, Wall Piercing by Clément Borderie, 17 spheres in a sphere by Pol Bury, the Cascade by Thierry Dufourmantelle, the Mont d’Ici by Sylvie de Meurville, the Water Ball by Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand, Ilana Isehayek’s Water Spinning tops challenge Hélène Mugot’s Wall of Tears, Niki de Saint-Phalle’s imposing Star Fountain, Laurence Demaison’s Eautres, Meei-Ann Liu’s Recherches photographiques, Gigi Cifali’s Absence of Water, and Fabrizio Plessi’s Digital Stones.
Conceived in such a way as to be able to accommodate certain works outside while others find their place inside, either temporarily or permanently, the building highlights the works of major and emerging artists. François Schneider wished on the one hand to support the artists by offering them a space to exhibit and on the other hand to allow the public to meet the creations of recognized artists.

The Sculpture Garden thus offers a permanent exhibition of the Foundation’s emblematic works, which can be rediscovered through the exhibition the Collection. All of the outdoor installations thus demonstrate the extent to which water is synonymous with play, and we regularly see the hand of the artist seeking to channel, decant, fill, pour, splash, thus giving an appearance that is sometimes tumultuous, sometimes calm with this secret desire to return to the myth of Narcissus.

Between inside and outside, the works, installations, photographs, paintings, drawings, invest the space and create a dialogue between the different supports. Emotions are at the rendezvous, they invent new perceptions, fluidity of course, inducing diversity of views. A journey into the imagination, the exhibition la Collection thus participates in the exchange and transmission of artistic approaches to contemporary art.