Jules Andrieu, Alice Blot, Iris Brodbeck, Manuel Diemer, Othmar Farré, Jordan Madlon, Marion Schutz and Flora Sopa highlight the diversity of techniques and media with a variety of works based around the theme of water. Installations of salt, a submerged city, a water cabin, small islands of glass and a flying fish are all on show.

Discover these unique works with a stroll through the great hall at the Centre d’Art. Jules Andrieu uses his concretions and the relationship between water and stone to explore the nature of the material. Alice Blot covers the ground with a layer of salt in her work Ondée and creates a subtle interplay of droplets. Iris Brodbeck criticises the situation of refugees with 1,563m3, an aquarium-cabin as a metaphor for power and the sea. The 12 pieces of glass which form the installation Isula by Manuel Diemer can be interpreted in two ways, depicting either the birth or the disappearance of an island. With his photographic work, Der Sprung, Othmar Farré presents Brushman, the main character in his farcical story, navigating cities and mountains in search of a fish. Jordan Madlon’s conceptual artwork examines shape and form. Similarly, Flora Sopa produces abstract paintings, playing with the idea of synaesthesia, combining colour, water and sound. Marion Schutz has created Azul Noce, a dreamlike landscape showing a world engulfed – a never-ending city of granite submerged in water. 

Each one of these young artists already has a very personalised style, but what unites them is perhaps the melancholy vision they have of their environment. Power relationships and tension seem to be central to their approach, possibly reflecting the nature of our times?

About the competition Kunstart

The François Schneider Foundation aims to discover, support and introduce new artists to the public, whilst cultivating contemporary art based around the theme of water. The foundation promotes these artists by means of exhibitions at its Contemporary Art Centre, travelling projects, loans of artworks and publications, as well as providing regular updates on their activities.

The Kunstart competition was established in 2016 with the aim of promoting artists in the tri-national region who had studied at art schools within the following area:
The Grand-Est region (France) | Baden-Württemberg (Germany) | the Swiss cantons AG, BL, BS, SH, TG, ZH 

A jury composed of experts from the three countries meets to choose a maximum of 8 artists working in the visual arts. The winners each receive 2,000 euros for the acquisition of the selected work or project. A further 2,000 euros can be provided for the realisation of the project. An exhibition of the competition winners’ works is presented at the foundation’s Contemporary Art Centre.

The tri-natonal Jury was composed of:
Nikolaus Bischoff, Lecturer in art theory – Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)
Rozenn Canevet, Lecturer in art history – École supérieure d’art et de design, Reims (France)
Agnès Gorchkoff, Plastic artist, professeur agrégé – École supérieure d’art de Lorraine, Metz (France)
Christoph Lang, Rector – F+F School for Art and Media Design, Zürich (Switzerland)
Auguste Vonville, Artistic advisor (France)