Revelations was born out of a partnership between the Rouffach Hospital Center and the François Schneider Foundation, involving a group of patients in an artistic project led by Audrey Abraham who specializes in engraving and silkscreen printing.

The starting point for the workshops was the summer exhibition L’Atlas des Nuages (The Atlas of Clouds), which presented, among other things, a set of cyanotypes by Jean-Gabriel Lopez, which caught the eye of the participants. Thus, over the course of the weeks, the participants were able to experiment freely with this ancient technique, creating series of works on paper, fabric and tracing paper to retrace their reflections on water, dreams, landscapes and the imagination. The result is all in finesse: a city rubs shoulders with words, ferns come close to fish, bubbles and delicate lines meet, blue and white are cut out, detached and meet.

One of the missions of the François Schneider Foundation is to support contemporary creation, notably through a competition, artist residencies and exhibitions. It is also through projects such as these workshops – attached to the Culture and Health 2018 project – that artists and a whole range of participants are able to reveal themselves to each other, to share and confront their views.
Using the magical process of the cyanotype, water and paper revealed images but above all the talent of each of the people involved by revealing their rich creativity.

Project carried out with the patients of the psychotherapeutic day centre in Thann.
Centre hospitalier de Rouffach and Audrey Abraham artist