The grand jury under the chairmanship of Jean-Noël Jeanneney chose four of the most surprising artists -Yoav Admoni, Antoine Gonin, Harald Hund and Olivier Leroi. The theme of water is the guiding thread of these creations. We will go from video installation to photography through blown glass objects. This ensemble invites visitors to travel through these universes forged by critical and reflective glances, but also by humour and fun.

Yoav Admoni, born in Israel, whose work evolves between installation, performance and video represents the importance of water and environmental issues in conflicts.
Antoine Gonin’s black and white photographs transcribe the imprint that man leaves on the landscape of which water is the central motif.
Harald Hund, in his videos and experimental films, diverts everyday values, especially those related to habitat. In the video Apnoe, made in a swimming pool, he stages a family crushed by the heaviness of everyday life.
Between sculpture-object, assemblage and photography, Olivier Leroi develops a multiform work whose themes are born from an instinctive experience in the field.

Curator of the exhibition: Auguste Vonville.