Hooked to paradise

In this polyptych of 5 photographs, M’hammed Kilito documents the complex issues surrounding the degradation of Morocco’s oases and its impact on their inhabitants. Water is the vital element in the genesis of oases and their biodiversity. With increasingly frequent and devastating drought cycles, oases, once shields against desertification, are now threatened with extinction. The resulting water stress is leading to a decline in agricultural and livestock activities, and accelerating the displacement of indigenous populations. According to official statistics from the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, Morocco has already lost two-thirds of its 14 million palm trees over the last century. This project was born of the urgency and collective demand to find a solution to this environmental catastrophe. Hooked to paradise highlights the multiple concerns of local populations, rarely covered by the media and largely unknown to the general public.

M'hammed Kilito

Born in 1981 in Lviv (Ukraine)
Lives and works in Rabat (Morocco)

M’hammed Kilito’s photographic practice explores the relationship between communities and their environment, and questions cultural identity, the sociology of work and climate change. He is a Magnum Foundation and Prince Claus Fund laureate (2017), winner of the World Press Photo 6×6 Global Talent Award (2020) and the Contemporary African Photography Award (2020). His photographs are part of the CNAP and Fondation des Treilles collections.