Le Monde après la pluie

Le monde après la pluie is a choreographic fable inspired by Philippe Curval’s science-fiction book and Max Ernst’s painting L’Europe après la pluie. Two works that speak of transformation, rebirth and hybridization. Eva Medin’s video revisits the theme of metamorphosis, through the motif of water and the staging of an ambiguous creature. In view of the current ecological crisis, the artist is particularly interested in science fiction, which highlights the excesses of our societies and questions the future of humanity. The sculpture-character in his video work is deconstructed and degenerated by rain, until a new creature emerges: somewhere between organic, mineral or spiritual. Water takes on a central role in this work: it becomes the binder that metaphorically interrogates the conditions for a paradigm shift in each of us and in our societies.

Eva Medin

Born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Lives and works in Paris (France)

Eva Medin’s work fuses the performing and visual arts, cinema and theatricality. Inspired by science fiction, she creates immersive landscapes, between past and future, earth and cosmos. Trained at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Plastique in Monaco and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Eva Medin won the Prix des Amis du Palais de Tokyo (2020). Her work has been exhibited at the Manifesta Biennial and the Chroniques Biennial, 2020 (Marseille) and at the Drawing Now art fair, 2018 (Paris). His work has also been exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo and the Centre Wallonie in Brussels (2023).