Can’t run away from yourself

Can’t run away from yourself is an expanding painting, in which the world seems to be constantly moving towards an inner movement. It is a passage, a rite. Water erodes certain areas of the scene, sculpting the vaporous mountains to open onto a celestial landscape in the upper part of the painting. It is water that evaporates into mist, almost tamed by the monkey playing intoxicating music, giving the distance its characteristic blue. Water as the object of metamorphosis of a world, in itself, to itself. A game of twists and ricochets forces our gaze to tilt to the other side or “inside”. Nature, thought to be motionless and mute, extends its reality under backdrops of light, in vegetation or human constructions. Vaporous, washed bodies, meanwhile, sometimes seem to escape the scene, or to be in a state of metamorphosis. The artist places us in front of her work just as she would place us in front of ourselves: as the title suggests, we cannot escape from ourselves.

Marie-Anita Gaube

A 2012 graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Marie-Anita Gaube questions notions of heterotopias, which, as defined by Michel Foucault, represent “other spaces” inscribed in reality. Painting thus becomes a space of protest, a place for utopian projections or fantasies within society. Her work has recently been exhibited at the CCCOD in Tours, the Musée Paul Dini, as well as in Denmark and Mexico. In 2015, she was awarded a prize by the Colas Foundation.