Seascapes [according to MAYA2009]

The work compares the process of human thought with that of the computer. If progress in human thinking goes hand in hand with an increasing level of abstraction, progress in computer thinking goes hand in hand with an increasingly important simulation of the real world.

According to the artist, it is also a “Love Story” between nature and science, “Reflecting each other’s every movement shows a feeling of empathy. This allows for a better connection and understanding”.

The installation consists of four videos; each video displays a different artificial sea. These are listed in the MAYA2009 library, a 3D animation, modelling, simulation and rendering software. This software provides four shades of ocean. They simulate: calm sea, a strong storm, the open sea and a normal sea. The basic shapes for geometry: a circle, a square, a rectangle and a triangle are added in each scene. The sound is computer-generated, using a 1950s recording used as early music excerpts.

Akmar Nihjof

Born in 1976 in Groningen, The Netherlands

Akmar has a multidisciplinary approach in its work of producing sculptures, installations, monumental art and animations. Often art is part of a series depicting a subject or a story. She uses different mediums to imagine these stories based on the fascination of objects and situations we all experience in our daily lives.