Global  is a sculpture that resembles a two-meter-diameter floating ball. It is made of pollutants collected from the sea. Rachael Louise Bailey has been collecting objects from marine pollution since 2016. In particular, she collects inner tubes from car tyres that have been recycled and reconditioned before being used in industrial oyster farming. This plastic is regurgitated by the sea. She gives these fragmented objects a new significance, grouping them together in the form of so-called Black Stuff – the title of the ecologically-aware series of which Global is a part. Here, Bailey tied together more than 3.5 kilometres of inner tube, which she then rolled up to form a big ball of pollutants that continues to grow, and which has taken us prisoner. A diabolical machine, which it seems cannot be stopped. 

Rachael Louise Bailey

Rachael Louise Bailey (1975) lives and works between France and UK. Having graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in graphic design (1997), and from the Ecole nationale supérieure du paysage in Versailles (2008). R. L. Bailey focused on sculpture with training at the Beaux-Arts in Paris under the guidance of Sylvie Lejeune and Tamim Sabri (2010-2014) and a residency at the Statuaria Arte School of Sculpture in Carrara. With her works, she questions our anthropocentric perception of the natural environment which surrounds us.