17 Sphères
dans une sphère

A 2.5 metre-diameter stainless steel sphere sits in the middle of a pool of water, with seventeen smaller spheres inside it. These small spheres, which may resemble eyes, rotate slowly while trickling water through the cracks. In so doing, they alter the perfect forms of polished steel and the image of the reflected landscape. The endless movement of the multiple spheres gives rise to a melody.

Pol Bury

Belgian painter and sculptor Pol Bury (1922-2005) is one the most important contemporary artists of the twentieth century and a member of the CoBrA group – a collective of poets and painters between 1948 and 1949. He is known mainly for his contribution to kinetic art (the art of movement). After several periods of experimentation, he centred his work on the theme of “slowness”, using cylindrical, spherical or triangular (stereometric) shapes. He created his first fountains in the 1970s, and stainless steel or polished copper went on to become his favourite materials.