Fishing the Soul

From her first scuba diving experiences a few years ago, Sara Ferrer got a special feeling, a physical, psychological and ecological awareness that led her to develop all her work on water and oceans. She has moved away from the more figurative work that marked her beginnings. Trained both in sculpture at the Beaux-Arts and in theatre, she retains from the latter an affection for objects that can sum up a situation.

Indeed, boat, compass, buoy, hook, shark, are in turn declined in installation, photography, sculpture, painting, to represent her emotions and questionings.
These objects become the metaphors of society, questioning both our relationship with the sea and the mistreatment of nature, and by extension human behaviour, our anxieties and neuroses. Where Am I? is a series of compasses in primary colours, Breathing Space is composed of a chair and a suspended snorkel, Losing Choices, a buoy and a rope… Where am I going, who am I, what choices?
Sara Ferrer transposes the vulnerability of the environment and the difficulties in protecting it onto human nature. Man is mostly made up of water and is part of this threatened universe. By drawing a parallel between the two worlds, the artist suggests a necessary double protection, the human being and what surrounds him.

With Fishing the Soul she directly denounces massive fishing and its excesses. By destroying the sea, man destroys his soul. The installation is composed of a fabric frame in which the hook of a fishing rod is inserted, which has the effect of stretching the threads. Sara Ferrer also adds an underlying criticism of the artistic world with the famous white canvas that sometimes leaves the spectators perplexed.

Sara Ferrer

Born in 1979, Spain | Lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

Sara Ferrer graduated from Northumbria University (2005, Great Britain) with a degree in Fine Arts,
Centre of Performing Arts Technologies of Madrid (2008, Spain) in Theatre Technology and the Escuela de Arte y Diseño La Plama de Madrid in Art and Design (2011, Spain).
In 2017, she will be trained in conservation at the NODE Center in Berlin. In 2011, she won the first prize for sculpture at the Escuela de Arte y Diseño La Plama (Madrid) and the Aurelio Blanco Prize of the Conserjería de Educación Comunidad de Madrid.
The sculptures, installations and photographs she produces focus on human psychology, removed from all rationalisation and context, articulated with both animal forms and objects that connect us to nature.