I was struck by the porosity between intimate space and outer space. I built a 1/33 scale model of a one-room room, with the floor covered with black earth. In the centre is a metal table on which a coral is placed. This decoration crosses and shows changes linked to the climate: first of all this territory is arid, then the rain enters the picture and water takes over the components of this model.

In this scenography, I built an artificial rain system to integrate water into this interior space. At the end of the film, the scenography device is unveiled, except for the rain device so that water remains an element over which Man has no control.

The elements that could only be a set are in fact characters in their own right, who represent dimensions of our existence. The black earth on the ground embodies our primitive, original state. The coral, organic matter, represents man. Metal embodies thought, since it is a man-made element. Rain plays a central role in this work by its action on the different elements. It redefines the filmed territory but also the film itself. It falls in this space, the table, the coral, the earth become containers of water. She represents both the outside world and the collective. Rain comes by essence from outside and it is a phenomenon to which we are all equally subject.

Rebecca Digne

Born in 1982 in Marseille, France.