From here
to there

Visitors are greeted by a twelve metre wide pool. The four-metre vortex at its centre absorbs a continuous flow of water in a hypnotic, cyclic pattern, creating the illusion of a tunnel between the François Schneider Foundation in Wattwiller and its antipode the South Pacific Ocean, which emerges precisely on the International Date Line.  Similar to the Greenwich meridian,  this imaginary line marks the place at which it is necessary to add or remove a day, according to the onwards direction. The pool’s central opening resembles a «Bell Mouth Spillway» – structures installed in US lakes to empty the overflow from dams. From Here to There asks viewers to imagine Wattwiller’s water flowing directly into the ocean via this imaginary tunnel, like an inverted, nourishing spring.

Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil

Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil (1968) is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. Between 2008 and 2009, he was artist in residence at the Villa Medici in Rome. His work has been shown at the Ricard Corporate Foundation (2013) and the Palais de Tokyo (2006 and 2015). In particular, his work addresses the dualisms of visibility / invisibility, brightness / darkness, memory / forgetting.