Yves Chaudouët – Contemporary Talents 2011


Mehdi Meddaci – Contemporary Talents 2012


Yoav Admoni, Antoine Gonin, Harald Hund, Olivier Leroi – Contemporary Talents 2013


Objectives of the “Contemporary Talents” competition

Through the “Contemporary Talents”
competition, the Foundation wishes:

  • to encourage artists to appropriate
    this theme which has belonged to the
    history of art since the beginning of time.
  • to bring them, through art work, to reflect,
    observe, analyse and criticise, to divert
    and use water, its properties, its symbols,
    its tools, its challenges,
  • to offer the artists a platform to reach
  • all kinds of audiences.
  • to foster exchanges and networking
    with cultural players.
  • to develop the public’s awareness,
    and in particular to arouse an interest
    in contemporary art in young people,
    and enable them, through the water theme,
    to feel and get a better perception
    of the diversity of views of the world.

Presentation of the theme: water

Water, essential to all life and to the development
of mankind, is a multi-faceted and yet singular
element. It is symbolically one of the natural
elements, with air, fire and earth, which make
up the universe.

It is at heart of mythology and religion.
It is a sign and a symbol, and constantly
changes form. Water is a natural resource,
of course, but for a large part of mankind,
it is the rarest asset.

Competition rules

This competition is open to candidates of all nationalities, all ages, and in the following disciplines
of the plastic arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video or any other domain of the plastic arts. For installations
and sculptures, the artists have the possibility of submitting either an existing work or a project.
For other disciplines, only existing work may be presented.

Each year, the François Schneider Foundation devotes to the “Contemporary Talents” competition
a maximum budget of €300,000, which is divided into two parts:

€140,000 for the acquisition of seven works The candidates
chosen will be:

  • 7 prize-winners “Contemporary Talents”, who will each receive 20,000 Euros for the acquisition of their work.

€160,000 for the realisation of the works presented in project form.

For the artists who submit their work (installation or sculpture) in project form, the candidatures must
include a detailed budget for the production costs with a quotation.

The “Contemporary Talents” competition will give rise to a collective exhibition at the centre d’art, and
a bilingual publication presenting the works of the prize-winners. Each candidate may only
submit one work or one project.

Dedicated to the
creation of plastic
art works on a
water theme, the
Foundation’s aim
is to provide a
platform each year
enabling yet unknown
artists to reveal
their talent.

Through the competition  “Contemporary Talents”
competition, François Schneider wishes
to support these creative artists by
acquiring their works and showcasing
them at the Foundation’s center of art,
entirely dedicated to the meeting of art and water.
Situated at the foot of the Vieil Armand
memorial site, in the village of Wattwiller
in Haut-Rhin, the Centre d’Art have
over 2,000 m² of exhibition space.