Stumbling Block II

Stumbling block II is also inspired by the maritime world and consists of two geometrical, rectangular blocks, one of which is placed on top of the other, one being the echo and the base of the other. They rest in a horizontal position, on curved sides. They assert themselves in a ratio of scale, balance and density. During the process of creation, the material passes from the liquid state to the solid state. This metamorphosis evokes the properties of water, capable of redrawing landscapes, of transforming itself.

Etienne Fouchet

The story told by Étienne Fouchet’s work is the result of his hybridizations, grafts, assemblages, ligatures, collages, lacerations. He describes the resulting objects as “stranded at low tide, when the sea is at rest”. The mystery of these objects lies in the association of natural, organic forms with marks of intervention that tell a personal story.