Dark rain

Apparently, the system developed consists of an orthogonal structure of thin metal rods that feed small water-filled silicone moulds from below. The rigorous parallelism of their trajectories – a kind of graphic representation of the rain – results, however, in the random appearance of the drops. This rain is triggered by the approach of the curious spectator who comes to seek his reflection in the dark water.

Valère Costes

Valère Costes takes a critical look at what consciously imitates the real yes. He does so in his turn but by diverting scientific methods and aesthetics. Appearing as failed models, indicative of the tensions between will to power and incapacity, his installations are simulated simulations, as in Dark Rain, which produces the effect of a miniaturised monsoon. However, no rain falls from the sky, Valère Costes reversing the usual spatiality.