Deluge in a paper cup

Deluge in a Cup explores the issue of asylum seekers and the perilous sea crossings of millions of people fleeing war and famine. The installation alludes to the way migrants collect water and serves as a visual reminder of all those lives taking risks in the hope of a better future.

This work is an expression of this concern for the fluidity of time. Materially the individual elements drag together in a precarious relationship dependent on the constant flow of water. The marble bowl remains at the top of the wooden support. They are held together by the swelling of the wooden joints, with water overflowing drop by drop into the cup. Once started, the water cannot be removed, or the wooden joints shrink and disintegrate, the marble cup falls and breaks, and the steel oxide top rusts. Water is the conduit, the giver of life, and the destroyer all in one.

Alex Seton

Born in 1977 in Wahroonga, Australia