La mousse

For its exhibition at the Foundation, Nils-Udo created an installation in the Hirtzenstein above the village of Wattwiller. This forest bears the traces of the First World War. A string of bunkers marks the terrain. It was one of them that inspired Nils-Udo for its installation The Moss. Working on a place of memory is one of his artistic approaches. The concrete remains have thus become a form of mausoleum dedicated to Nature but also to the force that emanates from the place. This creates a bridge between Art and History.


Nils-Udo, a German visual artist, was born in 1937 in Bavaria where he lives and works. From 1955, the artist studied graphic arts at the Beaux-Arts in Nuremberg before moving to Paris in 1960. For about ten years he devoted himself to painting.

In 1972, he temporarily gave up this art and began to work with the elements of nature. At the same time, he studied photography.

Since Hommage à Gustav Mahler, one of his first installations, in Chiemgau, Germany, the artist has never stopped travelling to many countries to create ephemeral works in situ.

These numerous achievements will make him one of the pioneers of Land Art in Europe. Nils-Udo photographs his installations in nature to leave a trace of their existence. In 1980, he was awarded the first prize at the International Photography Triennial in Freiburg.

In 2004, in parallel to his work in nature, he resumed painting for good. His work is received all over the world and has been the subject of numerous exhibitions.