The film Dérives is composed of thousands of short film extracts, each showing water from different angles. Drawn from all the history of cinema, the excerpts that make up Dérives offer a journey into the 7th art from “L’Arroseur arrosé” by the Lumière brothers (1895) to “Titanic” by James Cameron (1997). Each selected sequence has been annotated beforehand, according to different criteria such as the year it was made, its typology (violent water, fresh water, “love” water) or its degree of intensity. Finally, by means of an automatic and infinite editing system, the sequences follow one another and offer the viewer a new film in its own right where water is the main subject.

Emilie Brout
& Maxime Marion

Live and work in Vincennes.
Graduates of the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Nancy and Aix-en-Provence, they joined the Ensad Lab research laboratory in 2007 for two years, where their collaboration began.
Their approach is based on a practice of reappropriation: from collections of documents often organised in databases (film extracts, vernacular photography, dynamic maps, etc.) that they create or select online, they question the relationship we have with images. Artists 2.0, their practice focuses on the culture and uses of the web with which they most often work.