Der Sprung

Der Sprung (The Jump) is a photograph from the film Der Pinselfilm – eine Reise zum Picassofisch directed by Othmar Farré himself. In this three-part film, the main character nicknamed Brushman (Brushman Man) travels through cities and mountains in search of the Indo-Pacific fish Picasso. The photograph Der Sprung captures the moment when Brushman jumps into the crystal-clear water of a Swiss lake, carrying a giant brush with a diving bottle on his back. It is this moment that links the second part of the film, Invernio, with the third, Das Treffen mit dem Picassofisch (Meeting the Picasso Fish).

Othmar Farré

After spending his childhood in Barcelona (Spain), Othmar Farré moved to his mother’s country of origin, Switzerland, where he took his baccalaureate. In 2009 he joined the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule in Frankfurt (Germany) and in 2015 the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz in Basel, where he is preparing a Master of Fine Arts.

The year 2016 will be particularly marked by two exhibitions: one group exhibition on the occasion of Regionale 17 at the Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland), the other individual exhibition entitled Kind of Blue at the Unsere Umwelt gallery in Basel. In 2015, Othmar Farré will also participate in the Swiss Art Awards exhibition in Basel, one of the oldest and most recognised art competitions in Switzerland.

Othmar Farré’s work is intuitive and spontaneous. He does not limit himself to a particular technique, he touches on everything: it is the exploration and experimentation of new materials that determine his creative process. Thus, Othmar sees himself as an instrument at the service of the method, not as an initiator. In his work, he tries to capture and reproduce that moment when things lose their coherence and become intangible, abstract, almost grotesque. It is this awkward, disturbing aspect that the artist voluntarily infuses into his works and it is also what makes them difficult to describe in words.