Les Eautres

The ensemble Les Eautres consists of 90 photographs that represent the reflection of the artist’s face in the moving water. The undulations of the surface create infinite deformations. With her camera, she tried to capture their images on the surface of the water. Images that flee. Is it reality they want to escape from? Some are blurred, doubled, floating, or drowning in the deformations, others are sharper: during the shooting, the artist uses a complex technique, combining, for example, a flash pose that fixes the shapes.

Laurence Demaison

Trained as an architect, Laurence Demaison began taking photographs as an autodidact in the early 1990s. Her photographic work has been exclusively devoted to self-portraits since 1993. In a tense, even severe relationship, she distorts her own image, transforms and recreates it, using the vast possibilities offered by the photographic tool. Her lens attempts to materialise mental images, without manipulating them after the shooting. The processes she uses to offer us these strange images are exclusively those of classical silver photography, without any recourse to digital artifice.