The Bistr’eau offers a welcoming environment for relaxation and pleasure.

It offers vegetarian and traditional cuisine, as well as delicious cakes and pastries made with local produce, mainly organic and fair trade.

Entrance is free for direct access to the Bistr’eau. If you would like to continue your day with a visit to the exhibition afterwards, simply go back to reception to buy your entrance ticket.

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Current menu

Carte brunch

Source of produce

Fruit and vegetables: Les jardins du Piemont in Cernay – organic label
Meat: Lerchenbourg farm in Wattwiller
Dried and fresh produce: Natur’ailes in Guebwiller – organic shop
Flour, some beverages and bulk items: Le moulin des Moines in Krautwiller – organic
Bread: Domaine du Hirtz in Wattwiller
Jams and some desserts: Sylvie et ses fruits in Cernay
Ice creams: Les délices de la ferme in Osenbach
Single origin coffees, teas and herbal teas: Torréfaction Lagarde in Guebwiller

Le Bistr'eau CAC Watwiller