Announcement the prize-winners
Contemporary Talents 7th edition

The call for candidates of the 7th edition of the competition took place from 1st July to 1st November 2017. The names of the 41 finalists of the 7th edition of the competition have been announced at the end of March 2018, and a booklet with the 41 artworks pre selected is now released.

The grand jury 2018 chaired by Jean-Noël Jeanneney, is composed of international and well-known art world figures :
Daniel Lelong (Galerie Lelong, France)
Rosa Maria Malet (Honorary member of the Joan Miro Foundation, Spain))
Alfred Pacquement (Honorary general curator of heritage, France)
Ernest Pignon Ernest (artist, France)
Fabrizio Plessi (artist, Italy)
Roland Wetzel (Director of the Tinguely Museum, Switzerland)

Gathered in Wattwiller on the 17th May, the grand jury has chosen 8 artists of 4 nationalities as prizewinners
of the 7th edition of the competition.
> Edouard Decam, Landscape Scale, 2008. 3 photographs and 21 silkscreen prints.
> Cristina Escobar, The Island, 2018. Installation, carved stone.
> Sara Ferrer, Fishing the Soul, 2016. Fishing rod, fishing line, wooden frame and lycra fabric.
> Claire Malrieux, Waterscape, 2017. Generative drawing projected on screen.
> Camille Michel, Uummannaq, 70° 41N, Nord-Ouest du Groenland, 2014 2015. Series of 24 photographs.
> Maël Nozahic, Close, 2013. Oil on canvas.
> Benjamin Rossi, Après la Mer, les Chaos, 2016. Blown glass.
> Collectif Sandra & Ricardo, The Memory of Water, 2017. Installation, plastic bags filled with water and pool ladder.

The prize-winners artworks will be shown on a group exhibition in 2019 in the Foundation art center and will enter its collection. Over the years, a unique art collection of around forty pieces has been built up through the acquisition of the prize-winners’ works drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs and installations. Whilst illustrating the topic of water via different angles (scientific, political, environmental, philosophical, etc.), their works demonstrate the diversity of artistic practices in the 21st century.